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by California.Academy of Artificial Sciences


AI or artificial intelligence includes various forms of AI such as narrow intelligence, swarm intelligence, artificial general intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, and so much more. Our AI industry is constantly evolving, advancing and maturing at a breathtaking speed. Therefore California.Academy has carefully chosen to broadly call all the various forms of AI or Artificial Intelligence as the Artificial Sciences.

From voice-assistant technologies to interactive augmented reality lesson planning, California.Academy created California.Help to empower students, educators, and schools.

We invite you to join us in promoting, supporting, and expanding AI (artificial intelligence) in our classrooms, curriculum, and schools. Please note our internet site is currently under construction. California.Academy is designed by students, inspired from parents like you, and powered by California School Inc.

This is just the beginning of an amazing journey of exploration, wonder, and enlightenment of our Artificial Sciences and I want to personally invite you to join us by sending your comments, suggestions, and corrections to us. Are you a student, educator, parent, public official, celebrity or industry leader interested in AI? Be different. Be the change you want to be, and join California.Academyto become a cadet to be part of history in the making.