Electric Skateboards

Proposal One
Electric skateboards are fast becoming mainstream in affordability, value, and popularity. Inasmuch, I propose for candidates running for elected office have an open debate online with Facebook Live, YouTube Live and Twitter Periscope on Governor.Live on promoting and supporting electric boards, and their close relatives like Segways, electric bicycles, scooters, hoverboards, and others.

Proposals Two
As electric skateboards become more widespread in use, I propose we need to construct separate skateboard parks just for electric skateboards. This would be a safer, popular and an easier way to learn how to responsibly use an electric skateboard on roads, sidewalks, and parks.

Proposals Three
I propose we need bike lanes to be labeled also as skateboard lanes, both electric and nonelectric friendly to help automobile drivers understand that electric skateboarders are fellow commuters that need to be respected like bicycles riders are acknowledged.

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